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In addition to offering my artworks through print-on-demand shops, I still do paint portraits as the opportunity arises. I prefer to paint dogs, cats, birds and other animals, rather than painting people.

I paint from photographs. A nice close-up photo at eye level is best. This way the animal is looking directly at you from the painting, rather than looking up at you. Or if you prefer an image of the subject looking away from the viewer of the finished work, having a photo close to the dog's eye level is very nice.

I do paint exactly as photographed. I can, however, utilize the head from one photo and the body from another to complete an image. If you have high resolution digital images, we can achieve a transfer online, or you may mail original photographs to me. Good lighting in a photograph will show me the lay of the dog's coat, and the correct color, which is always very important. All original photos would be returned to you.

I will email an image of the work for approval before I ship.

I work in acrylic paints. Depending upon the size of the finished work, it can take anywhere from several weeks to a month to finish a portrait.

My pets are the inspiration not only for many paintings; they are together again in memory as the name of my Art Gallery and Shop: Maggie Ross Dogs. Learning about different dog breeds while painting them is proving to be a delightful journey.

Maggie Ross