Maggie RossFor Ann Kallal, art classes in grade school opened a wonderful world. She has always had a flair for artistic creation and dabbled in all manner of crafts throughout her life painting was simply one of her hobbies.

With the advent of home computers and access to the Internet, Ann's portrait of Maggie, the family West Highland White Terrier and Ross, a Scottish Terrier, were printed on greeting cards and offered for sale on eBay. Those pets have been joined in Ann's portfolio by the cherished companions of friends and customers and many other dogs and cats she has met and photographed. Learning about different dog breeds while painting them is proving to be a delightful journey.

My dogs, Westie Maggie and Scottie Ross are the inspiration not only for many paintings; they are together again in memory as the name of my Art Gallery and Shops: Maggie Ross Dogs.

With a computer, today's artist has many interesting tools at hand. After scanning several painted images of both Westie and Scottie into my computer, I set about placing the clogs on various backgrounds and adding props here and there for seasonal designs; eventually creating note cards and matted prints that I sold online. Nowadays, I am pleased to offer my customers tee shirts clothing and shoes for adults and children; household and gift items that are professionally manufactured and printed; all are unconditionally guaranteed.

Perhaps here you will find the very thing you have been looking for ... Or contact me: Magiross@aol .com - and together we may create an unique personalized item.