Art Classes in grade school opened a wonderful world for me. I have always had a flair for artistic creation and dabbled in all manner of crafts throughout my life; painting was simply one of my hobbies.  After retiring to Florida at age 60, I decided to attempt a portrait of my former pets, a West Highland White Terrier and a Scottish Terrier.  Using family photographs of my models I set to work.  

My Westie and Scottie, Maggie and Ross, have been joined in my portfolio by other family pets; by the cherished companions of my friends and customers and many dogs (and cats) I have met and photographed.  

With a computer, today’s artist has many interesting tools at hand.  After scanning several painted images of both Westie and Scottie into my computer, I set about placing the dogs on various backgrounds and adding props here and there for seasonal designs; eventually  creating note cards and matted prints that I sold online. Nowadays, I am pleased to offer my customers tee shirts, clothing and shoes for adults and children, household and gift items that are professionally manufactured, printed and unconditionally guaranteed.

Perhaps here you will find the very thing you have been looking for . . . Or contact me: - and together we may create an unique personalized item.

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Below is a sample Gallery showing some original Photos and the resulting Paintings.   

Photo taken with phone edited and lightened.

My painting of two Scotties, sketches of the painted image as executed with indelible marker on canvas Totes.

Preliminary sketch, in progress, and completed Doberman Pinscher Butch’s portrait.

Portraits of a German Shepherd Dog

Caspian and Koob, two Cats that I enjoyed painting!

My photograph,       in-progress work,        and finished portrait of my Pekingese, Max.  His muzzle has turned white with age, and I chose to omit that detail on the finished painting.

Dalmatian Lucy with her portrait.

Playful Shih Tzu, LuLu with portrait.

Japanese Chin, Millie, in her finished portrait and the two photos that were used as her model images.

Papillon, Candy,  and her portrait.

Eng. Bulldog Pearl with her finished portrait.

The gentleman who owns the German Shepherd dog also asked me to paint a copy of this rustic photographic scene.

Australian Shepherd, Pupper with her portrait.

Lovely Westie & Pup in Sweden’s wintry landscape.  Painting at left, original photograph at right.

Aside from my own Westie, one of my favorite models: Westie Zoe, who belongs to artist Cherry O’Neill.  Zoe has had so many wonderful adventures, and is very photogenic!  These are just a few from her sizable portfolio!

Original Photo                 Painting

My pets are the inspiration not only for many paintings; they are together again in memory as the name of my Art Gallery and Shop: Maggie Ross Dogs.  Learning about different dog breeds while painting them is proving to be a delightful journey.



In Progress