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In Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, St. Lucy is venerated on December 13 in a ceremony where a woman portraying “Santa Lucia” wearing a crown of candles on her head, walks with of a procession of many women holding a candle each.  According to the Julian calendar the night of Santa Lucia was the longest night of the year. This is likely to be the reason why the tradition has lived on in the Nordic countries in particular, as the nights in November and December are very dark and long, and the idea of light overcoming darkness is thus appealing.  Click the Image to see this lovely image on clothing and gift items!

The glorious islands of Greece present many memorable sights. Here are my interpretations of some of them. CLICK the Image to see lovely designs on Clothing, Gift items, Note Cards and Prints, may you find just the thing you are seeking for yourself or that special friend.

Down to the Sea again!

. . .And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying, and the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

Yes! Clothing and Gift ideas for that special someone.  CLICK the image of  “The Maggie” to see seafaring designs on wonderful products!

Murex Endiva Shell Painting

There are 700 known species in this beautiful family of shells, noted for their unique shape and curving spines. The crimson color of royal purple was created by the Phoenicians using the Murex brandaris shell. The rare and brilliant color was used by the emperors of Rome.   

In 1965, a diver in Acapulco brought this Murex shell up just for me, and I painted its portrait shortly thereafter.  It occupies a prominent display space in my studio. CLICK the Image for clothing, household and gift items.

The Red Panda, known as the Lesser Panda or Firefox, is a shy, long-tailed mammal, slightly larger than a domestic cat, that lives in cold, high-altitude mountain forests in Nepal, Burma and central China. This endangered species is more closely related to raccoons than to Giant Pandas. Click the Image tee shirts, gifts, sweatshirts, children's clothing and household items featuring a design created from my original painting.

A number of designs created from the images of FLOWERS that caught my eye.  Lovely note cards, pretty prints, even a spectacular Tile Mural featuring the Queen of the Night, a rare night-blooming cereus that is a delight in my own home . . . CLICK the Image to come see what catches your eye for yourself or that special someone!

Living fossils, DRAGONFLIES are some of the most ancient of that ancient entity: the insect. These unique fliers have been on Earth for around 300 million years. Impressive fossils of dragonflies with 27" wingspans have been found dating back over 200 million years. Mine are whimsical, multi-colored and I hope they will delight you! CLICK the Image to see the products!

The LUNA MOTH, a member of the giant silkworm family (Saturniidae) has a 5" wingspan.   One morning in the North Carolina mountains, this breathtakingly beautiful creature chose to rest beside my front door!  I have placed this and similar “insect” designs on note cards, tiles, keepsake boxes and stickers. Makes a great gift for your daydreaming teenager or your favorite entomologist.  Click on the Luna Moth Image to see all of my butterfly and moth designs!

Squirrel fun at Halloween!  CLICK the Image to see this and many other whimsical designs I have created!

The TOUCAN ranges through Suriname as well as the jungle areas of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.The Red Bill Toucan is the third largest of the black toucans. Also known as white-throat Toucan, this design was created from my original oil painting - Click the Image to see the design on clothing, household and gift items!

Patriotic designs celebrating President Barack Obama.  Makes a wonderful souvenir of this momentous time in United States history.  Treasure a keepsake box, tile or magnet to remind you of the beginning of a new world.  CLICK the Image to see all of the variations and the products available for purchase.

Several colors of prancing HORSE silhouettes  Do you love horses?  I do!  Here is a beautiful design for horse lovers.  

Be sure to see my FRIESIAN HORSE designs, as well!  Each design is offered on clothing, household and gift items! CLICK the Image

Click on the images to see the many designs in each category on wonderful products!